Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Update

Despite water rising over private levees and more than 800,000 people losing power in New Orleans Parish, Hurricane Gustav has not packed the punch of his major predecesor, Hurricane Katrina. After a manadatory evacuation, many NO people are ready to get back home and access damage but Mayor Ray Nagin has warned people to NOT return to the city today. Nagin was qouted by CNN stating, "Power lines are down all over the city; there's a significant number of homes and businesses that are without power." In reference to the severity of Gustav in comparison to Katrina, Nagin shared, "I'd probably call Gustav, instead of the mother of all storms, maybe the mother-in-law or the ugly sister of all storms."

I am thankful that New Orleans was not hit like it was 3 years ago but, the people still new our help. Now is the time for us to pull our resources and support the people of NO. Please reach out to your local Red Cross and make a donation TODAY, even if it is just $5. Barack Obama has already setup an online Red Cross Donation site (OBAMA in 2008!!!), so you can make donations there as well.


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