Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm Not a Fan:

When I was at Target this morning, a young lady made me realize something; It's time to do away with the Weave Ponytail. You can't go from barely being able to put a rubber band around your hair, to having hair flowing down the center of your back. What's worse is that the real hair gets all matted down with gel and grease and it's just not that neat after day one. Do away with the Weave Ponytail and watch the quality of your life improve.



  1. I feel you on that but some girls can't afford to be up in the shop every week. Sometimes a neat and clean pony is in the budget. (lol)
    Not a horse tail but an average length pony!

  2. i love this site & im a weave advocate. LOL. but did u know that many women use the weave ponytail as a protective hairstyle? weave tracks are hard on your hair & scalp; so i think the ponytail is the best thing when u wanna give your hair a "rest". by brushing the hair to the back/not applying heat/ theres no stress on the hair.ok