Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh You Wanna Return Your Shoes...okay!

Look at that receipt closely...right next to the abbreviated word, customer. Notice anything funny? Me either. Apparently somebody at Journeys shoe store thought this was hilarious. A 22 yr. old Kansas City man bought a pair of shoes from Journeys over the weekend. He found the shoes at another store for the low low so he took the kicks back to Journeys. When they printed out his return receipt, some employee thought it would be cool to key in "Dumb N-word" on the receipt.

By the time the guy noticed the super racist receipt, the store was already closed. The store owner issued an apology, and said an "employee has been terminated." People in Kansas City aren't convinced though and there has been a boycott called against the store, and a lot of folks have been returning merchandise.

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