Monday, October 27, 2008

Pathetic Sympathy

Just a couple of weeks after "New York" was clowning on Jennifer Hudson via the media, she's back on the internet talking about J. Hud. This time however, her comments come in the wake of the recent tragedies suffered by Ms. Hudson and her family. "New York" is issuing an apology for the comments she made about Jennifer and her engagement to a former contestant on VH1's I love New York, and she is offering Hudson and her family condolences during this time. While I believe the apology and well wishes are sincere, my problem is how we got here.

It's human nature not to like certain people for honestly no reason at all. The fact is, some folks just aren't your cup of tea and that's cool. But when you go around bad mouthing people, hating on people or simply treating others wrong, it can very well come back with an eerie karma. You never know what somebody is going through or is about to go through. Just a week ago "New York" couldn't stand Jennifer Hudson and she didn't waste any time voicing it to the world; now she couldn't feel more stupid or embarrassed. Let this be a lesson learned; if you got a problem with somebody, keep it to yourself and you'll never have anything to apologize for.

In the meantime, our prayers and condolences go out to Jennifer Hudson and her family.


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