Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who's Watching?

The BET Hip Hop Awards are airing tonite at 8:00 pm ET. If you haven't heard by now, T-Pain hosted the show in place of Katt Williams. I won't be watching, as my strike against the network continues. Sidebar: They played a movie last night called I Tried, starring Bone Thugs N Harmony. It was about what life would have been like for Krayzie, Layzie and Wish if they didn't leave Cleveland to go to L.A. and get a record deal. A movie about Bone, starring Bone? Riveting programming for the advancement of black people! Anyway, I heard the hip-hop awards were pretty good this year, and much more diverse than previous years.

Who's gonna check it out? Let us know how you feel about the awards after they air.