Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am a blogger. And...

I am proud of it.

So as most bloggers, a good portion of my day is spent on the internet checking out anything interesting from TV to Politics to Music. Lately, I have been noticing that a lot of celebrities and personalities have been hating on the art of blogging. Bloggers are being put in the light of haters that have nothing better to do than spit on famous people's name. Without naming names, I have to say there are some Bloggers out there who are simply haters. All they do is speak in negatives and sling mud. But, let's be honest, are bloggers the core of this behavior? Not quite.

I learned an interesting concept recently, while reading Nick Tasler's The Impulse Factor. Tasler explained that mud cannot be created without moisture, and dirt only turns into the mud for mud slinging when the population salivates over dirt. When the public's mouth starts watering over dirt, the blogs turn into mud-wrestling pits. Now should bloggers succumb to the publics need for trash, probably not. But in the same breath, should all bloggers be judged equally... absolutely not!

The Ant & Mike Show strives to be honest, witty, frank and funny. We are writers - NOT haters. Shout-Out to fellow true bloggers over at I'm Keeping Up and Stuff Fly People Like.

"We Do More Than Gossip"

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