Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Ignorant Are You?

So if you haven't heard, our President-elect is a black man, and that's something that not everybody is comfortable with. However, if you have a negative opinion on the man, based on something non-political, keep it OFF of Facebook (and all other social media sites where your identity is displayed).

A football player from the University of Texas got kicked off the team for making his Facebook status "all the hunters gather up, we have a nigger in the White house." A white baseball player at Savannah State University (a historically black university) changed his status to "If only Abraham Lincoln could see what he has done." Savannah State is a much smaller school so no word on if ol boy will be disciplined.

If you really feel that way about Barack becoming president, get over it. The people have spoken, McCain has spoken, Bush has spoken. Most importantly, if you don't like him because he's black then keep it to yourself. The internet is not a secret. People have access to it and they check it quite frequently. Publicized racism isn't worth an athletic scholarship.

P.S. Anyone sending those "white people report to the cotton fields..." and any other reverse racism, election related text messages, STOP! It doesn't make Barack or anybody else look good, and it makes me sound like a hypocrite when I write blogs about other people making racist statements. Thanks


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