Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Put A Ring On This B****"

That was the immediate reaction that guys had when they heard this story of male empowerment. A man in Connecticut is suing his ex-fiance, demanding that she return his engagement ring or hand him $25k, the cost of the ring that she refuses to return.

The couple was to get married in July, but during an argument in May she told him she didn't want to marry him and she thought the marriage would be a mistake. Though her words came during a disagreement, they were harsh enough to make him reconsider and he OFFICIALLY called off the engagement and asked for his ring back. She wouldn't return it, so he filed suit!

After hearing that damned Beyonce song on the radio FOUR TIMES between lunch and when I got off work, I smiled hard when I read this story. She better act like there's a recession and quit stuntin like she has 25 stacks to hand him. Gas prices haven't gone that low lady.

What's even better is that a wedding ring is a conditional gift based on a marriage. If a marriage never happens, then THE LAW entitles the man to get his ring back. The justice system at its finest.



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  1. One does not get a marriage ring until they are married. However, upon engagement, one may receive an engagement ring, which is indeed what she has, as they were engaged!