Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rich Get Richer...

I don't think people in this country realize how much we live in excess. I'm not talking about stuff like clothes and shoes, I'm talking about stuff like us "bailing out" failing businesses in our country by giving them billions of dollars. I'm talking about the oxy moronic nature of CEO's from the "big three" (Ford, GM, Chrysler) going to a hearing in Washington D.C. to ask for a "bailout," and every SINGLE one of them arriving in a separate private jet. Or the executives from American International Group (AIG) going on a half million dollar retreat after they got an $85 billion "bailout" so they wouldn't go bankrupt.

While we're over here deciding which billionaire to loan money to, there are people in Haiti, and Zimbabwe who haven't eaten in days. Children trying to survive off of insects. Women making "cookies" from yellow dirt and vegetable shortening. There are mothers deciding which children will eat and which will hopefully survive another night without food. How on earth are there entire countries that haven't had running water for months? Some of the most disease prone towns in Zimbabwe don't even have hospitals to care for sick people. Then they don't have water to embalm the dead or morgues to store the bodies.

Even in our own country there are college educated people walking into billion dollar businesses and being told they aren't qualified to make $30,000-$40,000 a year; a small fraction of the salaries made by some of the executives who simply write their name on the hard work of lower hierarchal employees and interns. People spent more money on gas this year, than they made in overtime at their jobs. I think its ironic that the same financial institutions going to congress for loans, were the same ones denying people home loans because they didn't pay off a retail credit card while they were in college.

America's past economic wellness has led exec's and government officials to believe that their own gaudy money requirements are more important than aiding the governments and citizens of suffering countries, and the jobless and underpaid here on our homeland.



  1. Well put! I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm torn if the money should be given or not. If the big 3 don't get the money then the little people will lose their jobs not the big wigs with jets and shit!!

  2. I'm in love with you... well, your thought process anyway :)

    No, but seriously, I think you're a great journalist (or editorialist, if that's a word... lol). Keep up the good work!

    Oh,and sorry I didn't actually comment on the story, just thought you deserved some praise, so that should say enough about what I think in regards to the actual post.

  3. I appreciate you both (assuming you're two different anonymous posters).

    To the first comment, I pray that more people don't lose work, but in all honesty even with a bailout I feel like casualties could be inevitable. Mainly based off the fact that a lot of the car plants outsource work for cheap to other countries in low economic climates. That's how so many people lost their job in the first place. Hopefully they use the money wisely.

    To the second comment, I REALLY smiled at your sentiment. Honestly that comment was pure CRACK! Enough said.

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