Tuesday, November 25, 2008

STUDENT athlete

So many black children grow up working on their jumper way longer than they work on their trigonometry. Even those who may come from privileged lifestyles are usually slapped with a stigma the minute they are found to be athletically gifted. That's why Florida State safety Myron Rolle deserves respect and recognition for proving to be more than just another black athlete.

Rolle graduated from FSU in two and a half years with a pre-med degree and a 3.75 grade point average. He came back to play football his junior season and is projected to be a first or second round draft choice. Perhaps more importantly, he was just selected to receive the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in England, where he'll study to become a neurosurgeon should he choose to accept the scholarship. Rolle said he will decide with his family, whether to play ball or go to Oxford.




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