Monday, November 3, 2008

There Is No "We" in Barack Obama

"Every white person is not your enemy, and every black person is not your ally." Michael Baisden

I was listening to the Michael Baisden show earlier, and he was making some very good points about the upcoming election. He was saying what I think a lot of people forget about Barack Obama's campaign. There will be no democratic victory in tomorrow's election if EVERYONE isn't a part of it. When Barack uses the phrase "yes we can," he's not talking about us as black people, he means every citizen of this country who is tired of the bs we've had to deal with the last eight years. If you're looking for a campaign drowned in exclusivity then vote for a different candidate.

Obama is running an all inclusive campaign, that supports everybody. There is no way I can deny the historical implications that are already in place, and will grow substantially if he wins. As a black man, it makes me proud to see another black man be this successful in a political avenue that has been one dimensional since its inception. However, Barack is not striving to be president of "black America," and he needs way more than "black America" voting for him to win this election.

On Wednesday morning we as black people will not wake up more privileged than anyone else in this country. We will not wake up able to live by different laws and regulations than anyone else in this country. But, hopefully on Wednesday morning we'll wake up able to say that for the first time in history, we witnessed a black man become President of the United States of America, and everyone in it.


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