Monday, November 17, 2008

What Happened to The Music Video?

I come from an era where Hype Williams and Lil X were just as recognizable as the artists they directed videos for. I remember calling and ordering videos on "The Box" and getting in trouble when that phone bill came. The music video used to be just as important to the success of a song as the song itself. Now most people catch videos online if they see them at all. There haven't been any more Hype Williams' and nobody's practicing dance routines in the living room like they used to.

How do we live in an era where MTV (Music Television) and VH1 (Video Hits One) don't play any music videos? The last time I watched Access Granted on BET was for Ciara's "Promise."

Reality television and YouTube have just as much to do with slumping sales and disinterest in music as free downloading does. People used to feel a connection to songs through the accompanying video. Now most of your favorite songs never even get a video. Either the song is on a mixtape or the album sold so bad that it got shelved before the song ever became a single. Rap City is gone, Total Request Live is dead and most people watching videos don't even know who A.J. and Free are.

The music video was once an essential part of people's careers. Now the VJ has suffered the same fate as the DJ, and I for one am sad to see it go.


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  1. I agree Ant,

    Shit is Sad. I live for the video's-I see more videos through my blog than any video network.