Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Would You Do??

I was reading around the web, and I saw a lot of things talking about what Jennfier Hudson is experiencing in the wake of the recent tragedies that struck her family. I'm not sure how accurate some of this stuff was, but people are saying that J-Hud is placing a lot of blame on herself for not doing more to get her family out of the South Side of Chicago after she started coming up.

The situation brings up something that everyone usually experiences when they come into fame and start amassing wealth and popularity. To what extent is a "star" obligated to bring family with them when they get out the hood? Do you move your folks out the minute you get a check or do you let your assets build before you start giving back?

I'm sure that Hudson helped her family out as much as she could, but keep in mind, Jennifer herself is only a few years removed from her old lifestyle. She may have been trying to continue to build on her newfound successes before she moved everyone into a new house in a better neighborhood. A lot of people are saying that her mother and brother were against moving out of their old home even when Jennifer asked them too, so at that point what else could she do?

Some people are gonna be in the hood whether they have a way out or not. If you find a way to come up, your family may not want to come with you as much as you might want them there. I hope Jennifer Hudson isn't blaming herself because there was essentially nothing she could alter about this situation. In the meantime, keep her and her family in your prayers because this wasn't just last weeks celebrity gossip, it was something that will affect this woman for the rest of her life.


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