Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Failed Politics

"For me and my family and campaign team and all of you this is a sad moment"

Strong and disappointing words from Dem. Jim Martin as he conceded his run in the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff yesterday. What's more telling to me, is the underwhelming amount of voters that showed up this time around, one month after the general election. Georgia had a 30% decrease in voter turnout for yesterday's runoff in comparison to last months inspired showing at the polls.

I'm upset not so much at the fact that Martin lost, but because the majority of democratic voters allowed political fatigue, and a lack of knowledge regarding the importance of the Georgia Senate seat, to deter them from getting back out and voting yesterday. On the surface local government may pale in comparison to national government, but it was equally as important that the same voters who worked so diligently for Barack Obama, got right back up and supported Jim Martin a second time around.

Early voting was available, and absentee voting was still an option just as it was during the general election, so why didn't more people show up? Yes, it might have been taxing to get back up and cast another ballot after the commitment so many people made going into last month's election, but I challenge someone to tell me they wouldn't have gone back out and cast a second vote for Barack Obama in a similar situation. Jim Martin stood for the same economic, and socio-economic improvements that President-elect Obama did when he ran for the Illinois Senate. It would have been a shame if Obama lost that senate race because a few voters didn't feel like going back to the polls.


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