Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Hate Dumb Muthaf****'s: O.J.

Today CNN reports that former football great, O.J. Simpson is facing between a minimum of 6 years in federal prison or a maximum life sentence. His legal team is busy trying to appeal the judgement before his sentencing and all I can think is "You Dumb Muthaf**** !!!" Your life was spared when you got off in one of the most historic murder trials in the record books and instead of getting your life together and focusing on your kids, You decide to get into another domestic instance. You got off once but you won't get off again, O.J. It is sad to see a man in his 60's facing the potential of life in prison, but at the end of the day, maybe that is where he deserves to be.



  1. Like Steve Harvey said...we got our first black president and this fool about to miss THE WHOLE thing! lol

  2. This nigga has got to be the dumbest!!!!!!! What kind of nigga get off for murder then you go to jail for basically the rest of your life cuz you want your sports memorabilia.......LMAO! He is a clown!