Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Was Afraid of This...

When Jay-Z and Jeezy performed the "My President is Black" remix at a D.C. club on Tuesday, somebody recorded more than just the song on their camera phone. The clip shows both of them saying some not so nice things about former President Bush and you know Sly Fox News was the first to report.

Personally I get that free speech is available to everyone in America, but I definitely don't think that this was the best thing to do immediately following the inauguration. We (blacks) have to be conscious that society will measure us against the same standards they measure Barack against, and because of that, free speech comes with a price. If this were just Jeezy on this tape, a less known crossover artist, then this probably never reaches Fox News. However when Jay-Z, no longer just a rapper, but a legitimate businessman and mogul, gets involved in this kind of stuff the media will have a field day.

The bottom line is, as crazy as it sounds, Barack Obama will now be held accountable for black America. This just means we have to be more aware of our actions than ever before. Tuesday was our day to celebrate and witness an American history with a magnitude only we could fully identify with. We don't need to walk on pins and needles now that he's in office, but we do have to realize that his call for a united America was not meant to be divisive. Publicly, we're representing Barack Obama as much as he's representing us and I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten elected if he called George Bush a p*ssy and a b*tch.

What do you think? Is Fox News making a big deal out of the situation, or were Jay and Jeezy doing a little too much?



  1. I'm a little flustered... so forgive me if my response is a little nonsensical and not very fluid... but my thoughts are all over the place.

    So... 1st) This really upsets me. I really have not yet determined the exact source of the anger I feel... I can't decide if I'm mad at Jay Z & 'nem or the reporters. Partly because as a Black American whose political views are more in line with those of the democratic party, I can deffinately understand the sentiments of Jeezy and Jay, however, they (especially Jay Z) should be aware that just about every Black American who has an amount of influence will be scrutinized and every public action will be put on display, especially if it appears to be racially motivated.

    2nd) As I got into writing this response I realized that I am not really all that angry at the reporters at all... However I am angry at the institutions that they represent. I am angry because had it not been for the environment (and/or the history of the United States of America) that Black Americans are forced to live and come up in then this problem would not exist. Having a Black president would "normal," and the excessive celebration would be unnecessary.

    3rd) "My President is Black"... That's a true statement, regardless of race, ethnicity, etc.

    4th) Who said that we live in a post racial society? And since we're on the subject, why is FOX not reporting on the increase in death threats and racial hatred inspired by White Supremicist Groups. That's not to say that racism is acceptable in anyway, I just used the example to make my point. I understant that a post racial society is the goal, but we must remember that Black people did not initiate racism in this country and regardless of who says what, it's an accomplishment to anyone who is proud of how far America has come, specifically Black American's who thought they would never see this day.

    I have so much more to say... specifically regarding George Bush... but I'm tired...

    I'm embarrassed and upset, to sum it up.

  2. This is pure foolishness. Doesn't Fox have a reputation for being racially insensitive - who are they to sound all high and mighty???

    Certainly, Jeezy and especially Jay should have had some more class at that club, but please Amerikkka, don't take their actions and say that represents the whole African-American population.

    Also, why is babygirl - what's her name - Michelle trying to generalize Democrats saying "Oh, there goes this Democratic mentality of judging people on race and not the content of their character." Don't try to throw MLK in this babygirl...and it's NAS (Nahs) not NAS (Nazz) :-/