Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Bad Relationship Edition

If you had a friend whose significant other was cheating, would you tell them?

Bonus: When you do tell them they're being cheated on, why do people get offended by it and get an attitude with you for trying to look out?



  1. I give all my friends one chance...if I find something out, I will tell them. However, if they don't do what should be done...they get no more info! I don't care what I find out!

  2. I think disclosing that information depends on A : the kind of person your friend is and B: how close you are and C: If you know the information for fact... gauge all of those factors and then make the decision

  3. I think it depends on the friend. Some people want to know if they're being cheated on others would prefer you keep it to yourself. I know its hard for me not to tell information once I've found out it is true. I would want to know if I'm being cheated on and it makes me think what are friends for if they don't have your back?

  4. I'm with Joi! You got ONE time for me to tell you something, then I'm done. I support my friends 100% on whatever decision they make in the end regardless. It's their life...if they wanna lay up with someone like that...that's them.