Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can Weed Really Fix Everything

A California state legislator wants to remove all penalties in California law on cultivation, transportation, sale, purchase, possession, or use of marijuana, natural THC, or paraphernalia for persons over the age of 21. The reason? To effectively legalize and tax cannabis.

The proposal would tax $50 per ounce of weed for every sale. The legislators drafting the bill believe that taxes on the marijuana trade could amount to at least $1 billion for the state of California.

What do you think; will taxing marijuana help fix the state budget crisis?




  1. I believe it probably will give a nice little boost to the economy in California especially considering the usage of marijuana in a state like California. The federal government, in my opinion, should get with the program eventually and do the same. I am all for it! Yeah the prices will spike up a bit for weed but I think that's a fair exchange for the decriminalization of marijuana.

  2. I'm wit it! Tax cocaine for all I care!(just kidding)

  3. YES...the taxation of marijuana will create a LARGE amount of revenue for the state of California. Hopefully, this law passes and California can influence other states and the federal government. The government needs to start looking at alternatives to the War on Drugs (which is a failure). THe problem with taxing marijuana is that anyone can grow it so it may be difficult to regulate this but paying a $50 tax for an ounce isn't bad at all.