Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clean Sweep

I am up this morning (well afternoon now) getting my life right. I thought about it and this is the year that I really want to get things right for me professionally. Yet, in the process, I realized I can't let everything else fall to the wayside. I moved into a new apartment a couple weeks ago and I am still living out of boxes and stuff is everywhere. All that this can do is hinder me because your living space affects your productivity. So today I am up folding clothes, unpacking and generally setting stuff up in the new place. It got me thinking that to truly achieve greatness, I have to strive for greatness in all aspects of life, so I am dedicating to work on me in all aspects.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional.

I will be hitting y'all with my developments this year as I try to grow as a person and hopefully we can all get better and be better together. Corny, I know, but real talk. We only get one life, so why not make it "THE BEST" (DJ Khaled voice, LOL).



  1. It is as if you read my mind...I was thinking I would hate to wake up one day and wonder where did my life go.The worst feeling to have is that you wasted time because time is something you can never get back.

    I am already in my mid-20s and feel so behind in life but I realized that it is not too late. I woke up two weeks ago and made a list of things I wanted to change and made a plan of action to make the change happen. One day at a time I keep reaching for my goals, in all aspects of my life.

    Good Luck!!!!! I will be looking forward to your updates