Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Report: Performances

Will be updated throughout the night...

*** Swagger Like Us performance was a classic, period***

*** Ye = Mike Jacko 2009. Estelle sounds good.***

*** I am not sure if you only have 1 hit single you should be able to perform at the Grammys, i.e. Katy Perry***

*** I love Stevie but this Jonas Bros collabo is not whatsup. Ant says Stevie doesn't deserve to be autotune'd***

*** Jennifer Hudson is struggling a little bit... must be very emotional. Wait - - She is pulling it back together... Ant says he hasn't caught one word that she sang***

*** Kid Rock: Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn***

***Carrie Underwood is kinda hot***

*** Coldplay hittin the stage now... Jay-Z is joining the performance! Dope shit!! "I used to rule the world..." ***

*** Al Green performance was dope, but why did Boyz II Men get played like some background singers?

***This Just In - Rihanna and Chris Brown have cancelled out on the festivities tonight... sounds suspect, especially considering they both were on the town this whole weekend in LA.***



  1. Ok- Please tell me you got the word about the Chris Brown not performing:-( He is the reason I watch all Award shows...

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  3. thanks ashley! I was just writing it as you posted! Sounds shady 2 me...

  4. Yeeeah man, Swagga like Us was classic. I was sittin there hangin on to every word.. it was hot!