Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The most irritating part about the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna thing are the speculations. I’m listening to the radio this morning and all these people are calling in saying, “he made a mistake” and “it all started when his stepfather put hands on his mother.” Then I’m reading CNN and some lady writes an article talking about how Rihanna is not alone, and how domestic violence is a perpetuated cycle. WTF? Forget for a moment, that Brown has only been charged with making criminal threats. Disregard the fact that not one credible, identifiable source has even said that Rihanna is the alleged victim of this incident. This is nobody’s business!!!

Why the heck is Gayle King commenting on her disdain for Chris Brown? Gayle King? Who is Gayle King in this situation? Why is Roseanne going off on Brown like she witnessed him beating her daughter? Until one of the parties involved comes forward and admits what happened, or the LAPD provides the District Attorney’s office with more evidence, there is no reason to crucify Chris Brown as if he was Ike Turner himself (r.i.p.). When did Bossip and Mediatakeout become the only sources needed to prove guilt or innocence?

This whole situation is based off of hearsay. None of us were there; none of us are helping police gather evidence. Until there are some facts presented somewhere other than blogs and anonymous sources, this is no more than a modern day witch-hunt. Let the jury and judge find him guilty. Until then I think we all, Gayle King included, need to mind our own business.



  1. THANK YOU!!! And I for one love me some Chris Brown so I'm definitely not jumping to conclusions. They are kids anyway-like you said, this ain't no Ike and Tina situation, so ppl need to back off