Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Irritating Stuff on Facebook Edition Part II

Who decided that emailing me EVERY SINGLE TIME somebody commented on a video blog/pic/note I was tagged in was a good idea?

Bonus: Around what age should you delete your Facebook page?

Bonus II: Should married people REALLY have a Facebook page? Really...?




  1. 1. You CAN make a simple click and eliminate those email notifications ya know. I think it's a good idea for folks who don't actually check facebook that much or who aren't tagged often or those who got something they need to look out for on there.

    2. Age has no correlation to facebook. It's useful for many things that don't go away with every birthday you celebrate.

    3. Why not? Married people still have friends and old classmates and coworkers. They still have pictures to share online, notes to write and updates to post.

    This is more irritating than irritating things on facebook.

  2. This dude probably old as hell and got offended. Get your old butt off Facebook and go get married. LOL

  3. I love how dude said this is irritating but was the first to comment on it.

    To paraphrase the hypocrite...You CAN make a simple click onto another blog ya know.

    But Ant you can change your facebook preferences so you don't get those emails. They do get annoying, I had to make em stop

  4. Yall be going hard blogger style. It aint that deep to start no internet fights. Keep it clean. To the person up top, the emails are irritating to me period. Sorry about the backlash tho.

    To all of yall, thanks for commenting. We appreciate it.


  5. LOL wow...have I mentioned how much I love yall blog? I don't think just b/c you get married you have to get off facebook though; HOWEVER, I don't think you need to have randomness on your wall and the link where ppl can see all kinds of crazy pics tagged of you...I mean you are someone's husband/wife now, so I think the page should be cleaned up a bit but no need to straight deactivate:-)

  6. Ant, no need to apologize. I'm a blogger, I KNOW about backlash. I think it's funny folks assume I'm a dude tho. I'm not a dude nor married NOR old.
    Keep bloggin!