Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Valentines Day Edition Part II

What's the worst Valentines Day you've ever had?

Bonus: What's the worst gift you've ever received?




  1. LOL first-- love the picture b/c its so appropriate. Okay this was in high school, so excuse my sloppiness lol. Anyway- my ex called and asked what I was doing for and I told him this other guy was picking me up at 7pm. So this negro (my ex) comes over to my house at like 6:50pm and my parents (so gullible) let him in as I was upstairs getting dressed. Of course the "new guy" I had been talking to promptly arrived at 7pm to see my ex sitting at the table like "What's up". Anyway- I was kind of reckless back then, so I bounced with the new guy and left my ex there with my parents. I guess he expected me to stay there with him, but oh well--he put himself in the position so his fault. Anyway- This is as bad as it got for me...just a little awkard I suppose:-)

  2. Ashley:

    You Did The Right Thing - thirsty dudes get left at the kitchen table with the folks.


  3. LOL! That was funny Ash! I woulda did the same thing. Mike that sounds like something you did to me b4!!! Thirsty! LMAO!!!!