Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Thought of the Day: Sports Edition

The Pistons SUCK! I'm a Laker extremist so I don't really care, but it bothers me to see my hometown team suck so bad. They've lost seven straight and they're below .500 for the first time since like 2001.

I'm sick of folks blaming it on Iverson though. Everybody thought Joe Dumars was a genius for picking him up and giving the team options in 2010 when a bunch of stars like Lebron and D. Wade will be free agents. The problem with that is, 2010 is a season and a half away so win or lose, this is what comes with the territory of trying to make a move two years out. Chauncey was the player that made the team click. I don't care who you pick up in the process, or who you have potential cap room for down the line, you don't trade your best player, PERIOD!

Regardless, the Lakers are better than everybody, so all is right with the world.


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