Monday, February 2, 2009

Rushmore Drive Grinds It Out

Rushmore Drive, the premiere search engine designed specifically for African Americans, announced late last week a strategic partnership with the social network platform, Global Grind. Global Grind allows user to aggregate content and showcase their interests across video, articles and blog posts and through the newly minted partnership with Rushmore Drive, a greater search capability will be available.

Target Market News reports: will provide Global Grind with The Daily Drive newsletter content, as well as its news and opinion feature entitled Detour, articles and views affecting the black community. Additionally, Global Grind's signature Grind It button and utility has been added to this same content within the site enabling users to grind their favorite blog posts and articles to share with the entire community.

In the not-so-distant future's web search functionality will be available on, enabling the community to search the web with more relevance, while also integrating the Grind It functionality within elements of the RushmoreDrive results page.

*** Are you using Rushmore Drive or Global Grind? I can admit that I have not fully utilized either resource. That is not good... give me two seconds... Ok! Two new favorites on my toolbar. ***