Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trends That Make Me Depressed: Wallet Chain Edition

I could tolerate the whole rock & roll phase dudes went through the a couple of years ago, but I wasn't always a fan of everything that came with it though. The main culprit: THE WALLET CHAIN!!!

I need one non-rock & roll enthusiast to tell me exactly why he wore this peculiar looking accessory? More importantly I need to know why there are dudes STILL wearing them. It wasn't cool then, but it was accepted because of the fad. The rock movement is gone, yet some of these silly chains managed to hang on.

If you see anyone wearing a pocket chain/wallet chain, politely say "excuse me" and snatch it on sight. If you see someone wearing one on some dress pants or sweats, punch them and I'll pay any necessary legal fees. If you are scared to approach the perpetrator because of fear that he must be crazy for still wearing the wallet chain, call your local law enforcement.


1 comment:

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