Monday, February 2, 2009

Twitter Tries To Get Their Bread Up

So as a new addition to the Twitter fold, I am trying to learn about this platform and in the process I ran across a couple interesting facts about the social network.

• Facebook offered to buy Twitter from the owners this past Novemeber for $500 million!!! The offer was declined.
• The platform is currently valued at $250 million.
• The site was created in late 2006.
• The site will be introducing their first foray into a revenue model in the next few months in the form of … guess what?... Ads (booooooo).
• Twitter had 2.7 million unique visitors in the month of December, 2008.
• Twitter has 12 employees.
• Twitter has spawned a host of Twitter based sites:

o Helps organize Twitter posts
o For Twitter posts about investing
o Twitter search engine that ranks results based on authority
o Filters Twitter posts by friends using tagging and ratings
o Constantly updating list of the 40 most discussed topics on Twitter
o Twittering for moms
o Twitterbacks: backgrounds designed for Twitter


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