Friday, February 6, 2009

What's Doper: Award Season Edition

When it comes to big time career achievements, which award holds the most weight...the Grammy or the Oscar?

Editor's Note: I don't watch award shows anymore, haven't seen one since Jamie Foxx won his Academy Award. I've always thought something was corrupt with their voting system since Denzel didn't win for his role in X or The Hurricane. I felt that for too long, blacks in leading roles were automatically omitted from contention based on the types of roles we were offered. When Halle and Denzel won, I personally thought it was a win by default and that the roles they won for were inferior to other films they starred in. When Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker won, they were both legit, but then it drew my attention to the lack of black women in leading roles prominent enough to be considered.

As for the Grammy's I think that the commercialization of the award has taken away from the its credibility. The majority of the nominees for the biggest awards are there based on popularity, not on content of music. The rest of the nominees are usually just artists needed to fill up space. The best award is usually for Best New Artist, mainly because it's the only chance you might get to see someone who didn't necessarily sell a million albums still get an award.

Never mind my opinion though; tell us which one's doper?


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