Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ginuwine Gets Back in the Game

Ginuwine returns to the music scene with his new single, “Last Chance” (written by Adonis and produced by Bryan Micheal Cox). Check out the video below with cameos by Lisa Raye and Tyrese.


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  1. hmmmm....I'M GLAD to see Ginuwine back on the scene...however, the dance moves look like something from 92. I feel that back in the day Ginuwine was THE dancer. But now with all these young stars out now that prolly studied Ginuwine (i.e. Chris Brown) have more than surpassed his talent. I would have liked to see The Bachelor with some more up to date dance moves, Quest Crew, Shane from ABDC, Lorie Ann, somebody should have helped out Ginuwine

  2. Ginuwine brought Sexy back!
    As far as the dancing goes would you had preferred to see him do the stanky leg???...LOL