Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Question of the Day:

The relationship between men and women have changed since back in the day. It used to be, if you bought a woman a drink it was a good thing. She thought you were being nice, and it was a great way to give yourself a chance for conversation. If you asked her to dance it was a sign of affection and chance for intimacy even in a crowded room.

Now you're lucky if you don't get cussed out when you approach a woman. Buy her a drink and you're either trying to get her drunk, or you're stepping on her independence. Grab her hand and ask her to dance and she might swing...literally.

So with that being said, a lot of guys want to know; How do women want to be approached???



  1. LOL...of course joi would say that!

    Make a joke...I think having humor is the best way to cut the ice (as long as you're not uber wAck!)...

    Starting with humor brings both parties down to earth...which will make a better conversation and your chances of getting those digits even higher!