Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Heartbreak Edition

What's worse in a relationship; someone who cheats on you physically or someone who cheats emotionally?

Bonus: If ur boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you AND admits it (as opposed to just being caught), would you give them a second chance?



  1. I think both are a "no-no" but if it happened, I'd rather it be some physical one time thing because to actually develop emotions for someone else would make me feel like their feelings have faded for me if they need there emotional needs fulfilled elsewhere.

    AAANNNDD...if they did come clean about cheating, as opposed to being caught, I'd give it some consideration because it takes a lot to face up to your wrongs and admit them. However, some people come clean just to make themselves feel better and not necessarily to right the wrongs they did to the relationship.