Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tech Fresh: OnLive

Nintendo Wii better be on its toes because there's a new gaming system coming that is sure to provide some healthy competition. Introducing OnLive, a small set-top box, not much bigger than a Nintendo DS, which will plug into your TV and your home broadband connection. From there you can stream games directly into your television set in a way similar to streaming videos on YouTube.

There is no install time and no waiting for downloads. You'll have the ability to play the same games you'll find on Xbox 360, PS3 or a home PC. Because the OnLive box will be connected through your broadband service, the video games will only play as smooth as your internet connection allows it to, so upgrade yourself and lose the dial-up.

OnLive has signed gaming deals with some heavy hitters including, EA, Take-Two, and Ubisoft. The system is set to release this winter. Click here to read more about OnLive.


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