Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finance @ A Glance: Sixty Seconds Stock Synopsis

**We told you that The Ant & Mike Show had some new posts on the way and we are happy to introduce our new weekly series of financial health posts by esteemed financial and accounting analyst, Ernest R. Fair.**

Another wild day for the stock markets. After losing approximately 250pts on Monday, the market bounced back on Tuesday with a gain of 86pts. So where is it going? I believe upwards. Many analysts are saying that the market has been over sold in the past year, so even if the economy has a slow recovery, the stock market is due for higher growth. Asian markets are opening mixed. Asian automakers have opened higher to a Bloomberg TV report that GM will require bankruptcy protection to reorganize. So what does all this mean for us? It means that it is important to continue to invest small amounts consistently in the stock market. For most of you these small amounts will be payroll deductions contributed to your 401k. That is the easiest avenue available for most of you, so you all should probably be active in your company’s 401K plan. The next questions will be what should I invest in? The truth is (and you might not hear this anywhere else) if the market continues to gain ground you can pick a fund blind folded and make gains. Mutual funds usually have some kind of 4 or 5 star rating systems. So the more stars that your fund has, (probably) the better off it will be.


Ernest R. Fair (M.S., B.A.) is a successful financial analyst, seasoned accountant and burgeoning author. As Fair prepares for the release of his debut financial self help guide, he will be sharing his insights with The Ant & Mike Show readers. Be sure to comment and if you want to reach out to Ernest with a detailed question, contact him at


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