Monday, April 20, 2009

Internship Alert: Pizza Hut Searches for a Twitern

We here at The Ant & Mike Show are always looking out for the up & coming professional. As alums of Michigan State University we know the summer means two things - No classes & internship time. Well if you haven't found that perfect summer position just yet, Pizza Hut may have you covered. The YUM! Brand company is searching for a twitern that will handled all things twitter related. Check out the position description below:

The Pizza Hut internship "twinternship" is a 10-12 week session during the summer months at the company’s headquarters in Dallas. The intern will act as a fully integrated member of the PR team and will focus on new and emerging social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and others. This is a full-time paid internship, and Pizza Hut will work with you and your school to support academic credit, if applicable.

All PR & Marketing majors need to jump on this, ASAP! Check out the YUM! Brands website for more information on how to apply.



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  2. Booooo they are only taking undergrads. lol