Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here's Some Advice: Everybody Doesn't Want You!

Why do some women think that when a guy wants to hang out, that he automatically wants more than that? Is it so hard to believe that a man can genuinely think you're good people and that he enjoys chilling with you? Heck even a lot of dudes make the arrogant assumption that every girl that wants to be friends with them is secretly just waiting on the day that the guy says lets take this to the next level.

There isn't a more awkward feeling than rejecting somebody or making a move on a person who does not want you at all. Men and women can be friends without all the politics. Don't be so full of yourself that you mistake someone's friendship for a romantic advance. Unless that person makes it perfectly clear that they have more in mind, don't jump to conclusions and risk potentially making your friendship weird.

Everyone that's nice to you doesn't want you. Everyone that likes hanging with you doesn't want you. Everybody doesn't want you!