Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oprah 1, KFC 0

By now I'm sure everyone has heard (and taken advantage) of Oprah offering a free grilled chicken meal at KFC. Well if you haven't redeemed your meal by now, you can pretty much forget about using the coupon by May 19. The restaurant chain will no longer honor the coupon because of the overwhelming response it got from Oprah's offer.

Customers complained about not being able to download the coupon because of extreme traffic to the website, restaurants running out of chicken, and some just simply not honoring the promise of the coupon. The restaurant took quite a hit, giving away the equivalent of $42 million worth of free meals.

KFC is promising to give out rain checks for the same free grilled chicken meal (with a beverage), to anyone who brings in their coupon by the 19th.



  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken serving grilled chicken? hopefully they won't have to change their name to KF&GC (awkward!)

  2. I was one of the lucky ones to redeem my coupons for a day or two and then they announced the cut off. We have supported KCF for years, that’s how they were able to give back. That was a Good deed to feed the world at a time of need.