Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Baby Edition

If the person you're dating has a child, at what point do you feel like you should be introduced to the kid(s)?

Bonus: If you have a child, and you're dating someone, at what point do you feel comfortable bringing the new person around the kid(s)?



  1. I think the fact that you have kids should be made clear on the first date...when you introduce them...well, no specific time, just when you know things are serious enough with that person. I don't have kids but I'd want to know that the man was gonna be sticking around before I intro'd them to my kids because most relationships are here today, gone tomorrow.

  2. I have one child and I usually don't bring the dates around at all but if I did it would be after the guy has made his 90 days. LOL