Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random Question of the Day:

When you're dating someone, how long do you wait before you introduce them to your family?

Bonus: What's more awkward: introducing someone to your family for the first time or introducing them to your friends for the first time?



  1. I wait until I am 100% sure that they 1)are going to be around for awhile, and 2)are ready for the grilling the my sister, aunts, momma will give her. As for the bonus, I would say my friends, just because when they go visit the fam I KNOW they are right. When they meet my friends that can be at any time. Besides they usually meet the friends before the fam anyway so just the first time that you are actually out with her on your arm is a crazy feeling. Besides my friends(as you already know) are BRUTAL lol

  2. I actually dont mind introducing my family because as a woman my family likes to know who I hang out with I think it makes them comfortable just to know who he is. My friends are a whole other subject, I usually have to know I really like the guy for him to meet my close circle of friends beucase they are brutal and because they have my best interest at heart they will def let me know exactly how they feel about the guy.