Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And The Winner For "Artist With The Most Songs On The Radio That I'm Sick Of Hearing, But Can't Wait To Hear The Album" Goes To...

Drake is following the Lil' Wayne blueprint perfectly: Create a mixtape so classic that the expectations for your studio release go through the roof. I'm sure he's going to sell well when his album drops, but I'm willing to bet that what is expected won't be nearly as good as what we actually get (See: Tha Carter III).



  1. Do you really think that his mix tape is a "classic?"

    I think I'm still trying to decide... I mean, don't get me wrong, I can actually listen to every song on there all the way through and be satisfied... But, when I actually listen, like to the lyrics I feel like he's a novice... I get the student on the come up feel (if that makes sense)... he's not as raw as he tries to be (raw, as in, it doesn't seem to come naturally), some times it's that he's reading off of a sheet of paper feel... I don't know... Overall I like Drake, just wondering what ur thoughts are regarding the above???

  2. In a mixtape lane only I have to put it in the classic category for two reasons. 1) It played like an album, not a mixtape. The songs were done so well in fact that I'm led to point 2) Tracks on the mixtape are being forcefully turned into singles based on their popularity.

    I do feel like his delivery needs work. The lazy flow from a lot of new rappers these days (drake, big sean, charles hamilton, etc.) leaves me feeling kind of blah. I definitely understand your comment about him being raw. it's a clip of him at a radio station and when they had him freestyle he went straight to his Blackberry for lyrics. I like Drake, but I think the hype has mounted expectations too high to satisfy