Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards, Pass or Fail?

Be honest, how did you feel about the awards show overall? Do you think the "tribute" to Michael Jackson was enough, or do you feel that BET should put on a separate show honoring MJ?

Personally the awards show left me feeling a bit empty. For all the talk and hype surrounding the supposed artists set to pay homage to Jackson, I turned the tv off feeling a little blah. There were four actual performances of Michael Jackson songs, and a bunch of artists wearing red leather jackets, or flooding pants and white socks; If that's a tribute then I'm disappointed.

I know a lot of people are going to defend BET with the time excuse, but frankly they could have done just a bit more with the opportunity they had. Artists were nearly groveling to take part in honoring The King of Pop, and I'm sure they could have gathered just one more person to go along with New Edition (if you could hear them), Ne-Yo (great job on my fav MJ song...Lady in My LIfe), Ciara (not so great job), and Ne-Yo again (this time with Jamie Foxx).

The show didn't have to change entirely to do just a little more for Michael. With all the artists in the audience, I'm sure someone other than Ne-Yo could have done one of the MJ songs he performed. Even though, I'm glad Beyonce didn't sing "I'm A Diva," I think an MJ performance would have been better for the crowd than "Ave Maria." With all due respect to Ciara, I think a dance number could've suited her talents much better than singing "Heal the World." In addition to her being a better dancer than she is a singer, not one of the tributes featured a dance number, or even an upbeat song; that's NOT how Michael Jackson or Ciara get down.

Maybe they do a separate show for him or maybe they don't. However, on this night, with the energy in that room, artists new and old begging to take part, and the entire world expecting something great, I think BET missed a golden opportunity to remind the everyone that Michael did more than stand next to a piano wearing a glittered glove and leather jacket.