Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Does This Picture Offend You?

A legislative aid for a Tennessee Senator mistakenly sent out an email with the subject line "Historical Keepsake Photo." The picture includes photos of 43 U.S. Presidents and a 44th picture is just a black space with two eyes, representing President Obama. It's been a minute since we had some news on racist Barack humor. As usual, I'll give my stance. It's racist as hell, end of story. This isn't political satire, it's racism.

People can say that blacks often misconstrue satirical remarks with racial themed jokes; and sometimes we do take a "chip on our shoulder" approach to harmless banter. But there is a fine line between being witty and being offensive. Every other president of this country was white but not one of them were made fun of because of it. Their heritage was never a part of the joke; maybe their personal lives, maybe their educationally or socially controversial pasts, but never their heritage.

People need to find something else to do, because like it or not Barack is in office for another 3 1/2 years. If he stepped down at this very second, every history book, political textbook, and picture along the walls of the white house will all have at least one black man standing out among 43 people who look nothing like him. His picture alone does more for the hopes of minorities and liberal minded people in this country than any of the other 43 could have ever dreamed. There's a punch line for anybody who still thinks his presidency is a joke.



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  1. they will rot in hell for their continued hatred.