Thursday, June 25, 2009

This One Hurt...

Michael Jackson (Aug. 29, 1958-June 25, 2009)

In our generation we've lost a lot of stars. Many great talents have lived and died in my 24 years; some even legendary. Today however, is different. This wasn't just a star. This was no mere legend. Let it be known that today was in fact the first time in this era that we lost what I would call an icon.

Tupac...Biggie. Jay-Z...Nas. Jordan...Bryant...James. When people are great at something, the first thing we tend to do is find someone to compare them to. With Michael Jackson however, there is no parallel. No other artist has ever brought entire countries to tears and sent men, women, and children alike, into a state of shock by merely walking out on stage. No other artist can say that from childhood to adulthood they revolutionized music, dance, fashion, television, and culture at every step. There's not another person living or dead who can claim that they've sold over 750,000,000 albums.

Michael Jackson was not just another musician. With respect to other great artists that have passed, Jackson exceeded their accomplishments in music, artistry, and humanitarianism tenfold. He was a supernova. His music videos were so epic, that Academy Award winning directors filmed them, and Academy Award winning actors starred in them. His talents helped catapult MTV, BET, and Vh1. His performances captivated generations of people, young and old. His legacy had been established well before most of my generation was born, yet he spent nearly three more decades adding to it.

To have seen his highs left me indebted and grateful. To see his eccentric lows left me sad and concerned. To no longer be able to witness either of them leaves me heartbroken.

May God bless his soul...



  1. I still cant believe this .. this just seems so unreal