Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marion Barry: Back Up 2 His Old Tricks

CNN reports that embattled former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry has once again had a run in with the law. This time for misdemeanor stalking. The Washington councilman was accused on July 4th of following an unidentified woman at an area D.C. park. Barry was booked and processed and will have to report to court later this month to face charges on the misdemeanor crime.

So I have to ask D.C. constituents - Why? Why did you re-elect Barry to the office of Mayor in 1994 after he was videotaped snorting cocaine in 1990? Why did you elect him as a councilman in 2004 after marijuana and cocaine were found in his car in 2002? Why is he anywhere near your political infrastructure? It is plain to see that he has no good common sense, but what excuse do the constituents of the of the District have for continuously rewarding his negligent behavior with political stature?

I am confused.


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