Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Platonic Edition

Simple question (with so many complex answers): Can men and women genuinely be JUST friends, with no strings attached, and no hidden agendas?

Bonus: If you're attracted to your friend, should you explore the possibilities and let them know, or suppress the feelings and maintain the friendship?



  1. I do not think men and women can just be friends in all situations. I think that the closer they get then the more likely it is for one of them to begin to fester an attraction that could eventually ruin the friendship. And the best relationships begin with friendships so yes they should try to act on their feelings but they should be careful.

  2. I don't think it's impossible for men and women to be JUST friends but it is very difficult because it's natural to have that sexual attraction to someone of the opposite sex. One of my best friends is a male, however, he crushed on me throughout our childhood and into high school. Wasn't really until college when he got the message that I wasn't going for anything other than friendship with him. And as for pursuing things with a friend I'd just say proceed with caution. If it's a close friend that you've known for years, you should probably just leave that alone. If it's a new friend and you wanna explore more, go for it, there isn't as much to lose.