Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Question of the Day: Domestic Edition

Do you think its a good idea for couples to live together prior to being married?

Bonus: If you do move in with a boyfriend/girlfriend, do you automatically assume that the two of you will get married?



  1. Brotha are you thinkin of having a young light skin move in?? lol

  2. Personally, I don't think it's a good idea for couples to live together prior to being married. I think the best thing for couples is to have a healthy distance. In the midst of an argument you want to be able to retreat to your OWN space and collect your thoughts. Some people look at shacking up as a practice run to marriage but I think it can destroy relationships, as I have seen through friends and family. But if you decide to move in with someone, taking such a large step does seem like the relationship would then move to the next level of marriage. However, in relationships and in life you should never ASSUME anything because we all know, when you assume you make an ASS out of U + ME.

  3. LOL....this is funny!

    I personally haven't had a problem with it...but it can be problematic...

    In reply to anonymous...If and when you do get will have to learn how to settle arguments under the same roof can still retreat to your own space and collect thoughts if you live with someone.

    For me, it has worked out because it exposes both people to "the good, the bad and the ugly"--all of which you will find out in marriage anyway. If you can't live together pre-marriage, what makes you can do it during marriage?

    The downfalls are...

    (a) for many couples who cohabitate, they get comfortable with the way things are and don't feel the urgency to get married as you would if you didn't live together.

    (b) It takes the excitement out of moving in and living together for marriage when you've already experienced it.

    Overall, as most things are...I think it's a case by case basis sorta thing...

    what works for one may not work for the other... :)