Friday, August 14, 2009


In a move sure to bring about legions of both critics and fans, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick to a 2-year contract worth up to $9.8 million with player options and incentives over the course of the deal. Vick, once the highest paid player in the NFL, has since been tried in a federal dogfight case, served 23 months in prison, and was forced to file for bankruptcy.

There will be plenty of detractors and protestors who say that Vick shouldn't have gotten reinstated, or signed to a professional team. I personally am not one of them, and I applaud the Eagles for taking a chance on Vick, and being willing to embrace the backlash that will come the very second he puts on a jersey.

Vick can not participate in team activities until the regular season starts and Commissioner Roger Goodell said he may not fully reinstate Vick until Week 6 at the latest.

Do you think Vick deserves a second chance in the NFL? Should the commissioner fully reinstate him sooner than Week 6?