Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tweet This...

For everyone who swears Twitter is the best thing since birth, and every other social media site is a thing of the past, Facebook is now the fourth largest website in the world behind Google, MSN and Yahoo. Consider that for a moment..this social media site, where people post embarassing pictures, get fired based on status', and try their best to meet dating prospects, is now bigger than Amazon, eBay, MySpace, and whatever else.

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  1. Point taken. Facebook is huge. My father now comes up as a "suggested friend". That along made me realize I was outgrowing facebook. Because it has expanded past just a digital directory for college kids, of course the numbers are growing but Twitter is just something new. I like hearing from college buddies or celebs on things that are going on in their day, inspiration quotes, funny stories, etc. And it's concise and not over complicated by apps and ads. Mike says you're anti-Twitter but it's actually pretty dope once you get the hang of it. Based on your facebook statuses, I'd certainly follow you. I'm sure your comments would keep me entertained and amused throughout the day. :-)

  2. I wish I was Mark Zuckerberg's sister.