Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who's Ready For...

Blueprint 3! In a little less than three weeks, Jay-Z will release the highly anticipated (though only moderately anticipated by me) next chapter in the Blueprint saga. Personally I wish he would change the name, like right now. The first Blueprint had so much soul, and such a connection between the artist, the music, and the lyrics, that it was arguably recognized as the best album in Hov's catalog.

The appropriately underrated Blueprint 2 should have served notice that the original Blueprint name was too delicate to be tampered with. It's detail was too intricate, and to title something under the same umbrella was to draw expectations of perfection. The Blueprint 2 was far from it, and from the songs that have leaked recently, the Blueprint 3 won't be too far behind.

I am one of the biggest Jay-Z fans, but I'm a firm believer that greatness should be left alone. Blueprint had one feature (Eminem, finding his spot perfectly on Renegade). Blueprint 2 & 3 both have enough features that they may have been better off titled Roc La Familia 2 & 3. I'm hoping for the best when this album drops, but right now I feel like Jay is on the verge of dropping a Blueprint title with Kingdom Come content; a few dope songs surrounded by a bunch of uninspired radio tracks.



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  1. OMG, get out of my head... I think that a part of the reason that I was initially dissappointed with BP3 is because of the name. Well said.