Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can I Get A Do Over?

There used to be a time where young people graduated high school and prepared to go to college to study that with which they excelled and had interest in. If you were good at math, you studied something in that field. If you were interested in science you studied something in that field. But if you were interested in something like theatre, or music, or english literature, there was a place for you to go to a major college, graduate and still find success doing what you enjoyed.

Nowadays, the economy has changed the way people approach higher education. People are having to make the decision to spend four (to 8) years studying subjects they have little to no interest in so they can assure they get a degree that hold some weight in today's economy. Many people with degrees are enrolling in certificate programs, and professional development courses so they can get yet another piece of paper that validates why they should be among today's employed.

Aside from certain majors (pre-med, pre-law, dentistry, engineering, nursing, etc.) everyone who walks away from a reputable institution with a degree is qualified to start at an entry level position and work there way up. Personality and hard work should hold just as much weight as an area of study. Instead, you have people with degrees who are hesitant to even apply for certain positions knowing that based on what their resume says they went to school for, they won't be deemed qualified by a prospective employer.

Those who have been fired or laid off due to the recession are not the only casualties of the war on economics. Students have now been unwillingly pulled into the fold. They make decisions to study what they're interested in, or study what they know will at least look good enough on paper to get them an interview, whether they want that particular job or not.

Question: If you could go back to school, would you study something different, knowing that job availability isn't what it once was?


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  1. If I could do it over I propbably would have went to college for the relationships and experiences. I chose to jump into the world and get right to the MONEY. What I didn't know at the time was that money is as elusive as a starting nfl running back. As we get older, most people wish they can get a complete do over of life Start the clock over, but with all the possible things in life, that there is impossible. Keep Going is the theme to all our lives. It's the music in my head the blood in my veins. CAN I GET A A DO OVER? I do every time I wake up to see another day. KEEP PUSHING... Your blog is dope my nigga... RESPECT