Monday, September 21, 2009

Pray for us...

For those of you not watching the news, Georgia is facing one of the worst weather systems it has seen in years. It's been raining in the metro Atlanta, and North Georgia area since last Wednesday and it's not expected to stop until next Monday. There are entire cities flooded, and so far four people have been confirmed dead due to the flood waters, including a 2-year old who was literally swept out of her father's arms.

The rain and floods have not been nearly as devastating as recent hurricanes, Katrina and Ike, but after the recent anniversary of those hurricanes, it's hard not to draw even small comparisons, especially when looking at those pictures. Some cities have already been asked to evacuate. 30,000 people in the metro Atlanta area do not have electricity. The state of Georgia needs prayers from everyone, as we try to beat Mother Nature.


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